The Best Floral Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, people are often on the lookout for the best Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend. Living in the digital age, the appeal of online flower bouquet delivery in Bangalore has soared. As a renowned floral boutique in Bangalore, we at Ohana Fine Flowers bring forward some insights to help you select the ideal bouquet, ensuring your gift is cherished and remembered.

The Symbolism of Different Flowers


Roses, the timeless emblems of love take centre stage among all Valentine's Day flowers. Particularly popular is the evocative pink rose bouquet. But beyond the classic hues, each rose colour tells its own tale—from passionate reds to pure whites. These best Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend are not just about the colour, but the sentiment behind it. Choose a rose that truly echoes your heart's sentiments, letting it convey your unspoken emotions.


Lilies, especially the striking Oriental Lilies, are more than just flowers; they're a testament to beauty, passion, and renewal. With their lush petals and captivating fragrance, they convey deep sentiments with elegance. The pristine whites signify purity, while their vibrant shades echo fervent devotion. The profound allure of lilies speaks volumes, resonating with the depths of love and desire.


Orchids, elegant and exotic, embody love, luxury, and resilience. Their rarity in standard bouquets elevates their significance, making them among the best Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend. Gifting an orchid is a gesture that communicates a love as unique and enduring as the flower itself.


With their ruffled petals and rich history, carnations signify love and admiration. A carnation flower bouquet offers an understated yet sincere gesture of affection as these blooms convey genuine sentiment without the need for grand displays.


Bright and captivating, Yellow Sunflowers stand tall symbolising adoration, loyalty, and longevity. These blooms, turning towards the sun, mirror unwavering devotion in love which makes them one of the best Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bouquet

When selecting the perfect bouquet, keeping your girlfriend's personal preferences in mind can add a thoughtful touch. Recollecting her favourite flowers or colours can make your gesture resonate more deeply. It's also essential to consider potential scent sensitivities; while some blossoms exude strong fragrances, you'll want to ensure your girlfriend isn't allergic or sensitive to them. Lastly, size truly matters in this context. While a grand, statement bouquet can leave a strong impression, a carefully curated modest bouquet can be equally impactful, exuding intimacy and thoughtfulness. It is also important to prioritize the freshness of the flowers to ensure they remain vibrant for longer. All of the above-mentioned tips remain true for when you're on the hunt for flowers for other occasions as well like when you search for birthday or anniversary flower bouquets in Bangalore

Adding a Personal Touch

For a unique flair in your gift bouquets, think about adding some chocolates; their rich sweetness pairs beautifully with the fragrance of flowers. A personalised note can serve as a heartfelt expression, adding depth to your gift. To take the surprise a notch higher, consider hiding a petite piece of jewellery within the floral arrangement, leaving an unforgettable mark. And don't forget, choosing an artistic vase not only boosts the bouquet's visual appeal but also remains a treasured memento long after the petals have fallen.

Alternatives to Traditional Bouquets

While traditional bouquets are a popular choice, they might not resonate with everyone's tastes. Instead, consider gifting potted plants, which not only last longer but also grow as a symbol of enduring affection. Another thoughtful option is a floral subscription service like the Postbox Flower Subscription. A subscription provides fresh flowers throughout the year and serves as a constant reminder of your bond. However, if you're leaning towards an experiential gift, floral workshops or trips to botanical gardens can be a delightful pick. Such experiences can not only provide insightful Valentine’s Day decor ideas but also offer a hands-on, interactive journey amidst nature's beauty.

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend might seem daunting, but with a plethora of choices and the convenience of online platforms, like our service offering online flower bouquet delivery in Bangalore, the task becomes seamless. Whether it's a gift flower bouquet for her birthday or exploring other top Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends, the beauty of flowers remains unparalleled. With thoughtful personal touches and a keen eye for details, your floral gift will surely leave an indelible mark on her heart.