Ohana’s Expert Tips On How To Preserve Flowers

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Welcome to Ohana Fine Flowers’ expert tips on how to preserve flowers, where our love and appreciation for these beautiful creations are matched only by our extensive expertise in handling and caring for them. As experts in all things flowers, we know that every bouquet or arrangement is a work of art. And we strive to ensure that they stay that way for as long as possible. That's why we've put together this guide, which draws on our years of experience and knowledge of quality techniques to help you preserve your flowers. These tips on how to preserve flowers at home will also keep them looking fresh and beautiful for longer. So, whether you're looking to extend the life of beautiful bouquets, or just want to learn more about caring for flowers, we're here to help you achieve the best results.

How To Preserve Flowers

We have mentioned some of the best and most effective ways how to preserve flowers efficiently so that they maintain their beauty and fragrance for longer.


One of the best tips we have for you to follow on how to preserve flowers is by drying them. It is a delicate art that requires love, expertise, and an appreciation for nature's beauty. Quality blooms with sturdy stems and velvety petals are carefully hung upside down in a warm, dry place to preserve their shape and colour. The resulting dried flowers possess a delicate fragrance and exquisite texture, perfect for creating wreaths, potpourri, and flower arrangements of the highest quality. The art of drying flowers celebrates the beauty of nature and the human capacity for creativity.

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Preserving flowers with glycerin is a complex and delicate process. It requires expertise and a deep love for nature's blooms. It involves soaking woody-stemmed flowers like magnolias and holly in a mixture of glycerin and water, preserving their natural colour and texture. The resulting flowers possess a timeless beauty that can be used in wreaths and floral arrangements. This art form celebrates creativity and innovation and creates a lasting tribute to the wonders of the natural world. Preserving flowers with glycerin is a beautiful art form that demands expertise, attention to detail, and a deep love for nature's intricate beauty.

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The delicate process of pressing flowers requires skill, care, and a profound admiration for the exquisite aesthetics of nature. Fragile flowers such as violets and pansies are meticulously arranged between layers of absorbent paper and subjected to pressure, effectively preserving their intricate features in striking detail. These pressed flowers are ideal for embellishing scrapbooks, creating cards, or framing, introducing a natural and sophisticated charm to any endeavour.

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Freezing flowers is a unique method of preserving delicate blooms like daisies and lilacs. For this part of how to preserve flowers, one is required to carefully place the flowers in an airtight container, preserving their delicate petals in a state of suspended animation. The outcome of this procedure is frozen flowers that exhibit a one-of-a-kind, fragile elegance, making them suitable for diverse artistic endeavours, such as cake adornments and floral arrangements.

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Silica Gel

Preserving flowers with silica gel works best for delicate-petaled flowers like orchids and peonies. Burying the flowers in silica gel absorbs the moisture and preserves their natural beauty, resulting in dried flowers with unique and delicate beauty for creative projects. Preserving flowers with silica gel is a celebration of the fleeting beauty of nature and a lasting tribute to its wonders.

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Preserving flowers is more than just a method to extend their lifespan. It is a way to celebrate the beauty of nature and the creative potential of humanity. Each technique, from drying to pressing, demands skill, attention to detail, and a deep love for the delicate aesthetics of flowers. Through these preservation methods, flowers can be transformed into lasting works of art, ready to enhance any creative project. By following the expert tips provided by us, we hope that everyone can learn the art of how to preserve flowers and enjoy their unique beauty for longer. And, if you want more information on all things flowers, visit our website or check out Postbox, one of the finest flower subscriptions in Bangalore. We guarantee that all the flowers you order from us will reach you in their most pristine condition courtesy of the finest online flower delivery in Bangalore.