Elegant and Timeless: Classic Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas

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Welcome to Ohana Fine Flowers, where we have been creating beautiful and unforgettable wedding flower decorations for 19 years. We believe that flowers are the language of love, and our passion for them drives us to make elegant and timeless arrangements that capture the essence of your special day. We take pride in our expertise as florists and pour all of our love and creativity into every wedding we have the privilege to be a part of. In this blog, we would like to share some of our favourite classic wedding flower decoration ideas, showcasing the beauty and grace that only flowers can bring to a wedding. So, whether you're dreaming of a romantic and intimate wedding or a grand and opulent one, we hope our ideas will inspire you and bring you closer to the wedding of your dreams.

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Classic Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas

We have been fortunate to witness firsthand the transformative power of flowers in creating an atmosphere of love and romance. As florists with years of experience, we take great pride in designing classic wedding flower decorations that are elegant, timeless, and breathtakingly beautiful. Here are some of our suggestions to add the same touch of grace to your wedding day.

Bridal Bouquets

We understand that the bouquet is a bride's most cherished possession, and we pour our heart and soul into creating arrangements that are as unique and beautiful as the bride herself. Each petal, stem, and fragrance is carefully selected and arranged to create a work of art that speaks the language of love. 


Centrepieces are an integral part of any wedding, and we take pleasure in creating beautiful arrangements that serve as a focal point for guests to admire and appreciate. By using a mix of tall and short arrangements, we add visual depth to the tables, creating an ambience that is both romantic and enchanting.

Our combination of blissful Oriental Lilies & Hydrangea Bundles is a perfect example of how we craft beautiful beautiful floral arrangements.

Hanging Installations

Flower walls and hanging installations are trendy and classic wedding decorations. By designing floral arrangements that can be used as photo booths or to create beautiful entrances to the reception area, you ensure that every moment of the wedding is filled with the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Archway or Floral Arches

An archway covered in flowers is a stunning decoration for any wedding ceremony, and there is nothing more enchanting than a well-designed archway that is as unique and beautiful as the couple themselves. By choosing a flower variety that matches the wedding theme and decorating it with trailing greenery, you create a backdrop that is both magical and unforgettable.

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Tips On Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers is a wonderful and significant part of wedding planning. As florists with years of experience, we understand the magic that flowers bring to a wedding day. They have the power to create an unforgettable atmosphere that captures the essence of a couple's love story. That's why we have gathered some tips on how to choose wedding flowers for your special day.

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The Season Is Essential

Each season brings its unique beauty and availability of flowers. We recommend selecting flowers that are in season to ensure their quality and freshness, so you can have the most beautiful and vibrant blooms on your big day.

Take our arrangement of these mixed colour Lisianthus blossoms for example; a perfect embodiment of autumn beauty.

Venue Inspiration

The venue is an essential element to consider when choosing your wedding flowers. The colours and style of the venue can inspire the colour scheme and style of the floral arrangements. We will work closely with you to ensure that the flowers complement the venue's aesthetic, creating an enchanting and romantic atmosphere.

Personalisation Is Key

Your wedding flowers should reflect your unique style and personality as a couple. We love to hear your ideas and preferences to create bespoke floral arrangements that perfectly express your love story.

Our graceful arrangement of Alstroemerias and equally impressive best-selling design combination of Pink Oriental Lilies with Green Anthuriums are just a couple examples of how well we can serve your tastes.

Ceremony Floral Arrangements

The ceremony flowers, including the altar arrangements and aisle decorations, are an opportunity to create an unforgettable ambience for your guests. We make enchanting floral arrangements that capture the romance of the moment and set the tone for the rest of the wedding.

Symbolism In Flowers

Each flower holds its unique meaning and symbolism. Choosing flowers that hold special significance to you and your partner can add a personal touch to your wedding flowers, making your wedding day even more meaningful.

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Wedding flowers have an undying charm that adds to the romantic and magical essence of a wedding day. They come in various forms, from graceful bouquets to mesmerising centrepieces, and create an enchanting atmosphere that lingers in memory forever. The impact of wedding flowers endures, serving as a beautiful memento of the love and happiness that was shared on that memorable day. At Ohana Fine Flowers, we are reputed for being one of the finest wedding decorators in Bangalore and we aim to provide exceptional flower decorations on your special day. Additionally, we are also known for having the best online flower delivery in Bangalore too, so you can rest assured that your orders will reach you in pristine condition.