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A Tribute to the Vibrant Local Flower Market - KR Market

We start the new year taking a stroll through the vibrant and fragrant local K R flower Market which diffuses a breath of fresh air and a true symbol for the beauty of Bangalore. KR market is bustling with flowers all through the night and is a sight to behold. This flower market in the heart of the city makes you want to decorate each corner of your house with colourful blooms. Stop and smell not just the roses but all the vibrant flowers available at this flower market. Each flower is hand picked with love and care by the flower sellers and bring a touch of joy and brilliance to your day. Each bloom is more beautiful than the previous one. The vibrant hues of the flowers on display will catch your eye. The beauty of the flowers they have for sale is breathtaking. Each stem is a lively, colourful thing of beauty. From fresh flowers to garlands, vendors have them all at attractive prices. Whether you are looking for a single bouquet or flowers for an entire event, you will find something for each requirement. These fresh blooms are sold by friendly and knowledgeable flower sellecrs who will help you find the perfect arrangement to suit your needs and budget. This local flower market is full of surprises.